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Good Tomato Advice

~ Tomato roots grow best in warm soil. We're talking 60 to 70 degrees. We recommend covering your garden bed in red plastic to warm up the soil. Along with suppressing weeds, this will also help keep the soil moisture levels consistant.

~When you plant your tomato in the garden, add a 1/4 cup of lime & organic fertilizer formulated for vegetables to the top of the soil, scratch it in & water in the plant. Also, if night time temperatures are still in the 40's, it's beneficial to protect the plant with a reemay cloth cover or a mini greenhouse.

All photos taken in the garden or kitchen of Richard & Lori Vollmer.

'Black Krim'

'Sun Gold'

'San Marzano'

'Black Seaman'

'Black Krim'

You can never have too many tomatoes!




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