September - 2016

“We were very fortunate (and lucky!) to have a Monarch butterfly visit our milkweed patch. We plant them for the beautiful native butterflies and other pollinators in our garden. This morning in the garden, we saw that the eggs have hatched into larvae. Now, we are hoping to see the larvae stages through to chrysalis and butterfly.”

   Lori Vollmer - Garden Fever!

Corylopsis, Winter Hazel and Ribes sanguineum, Flowering Currant, are beautiful spring bloomers for early pollinators.

Monarch larvae on Asclepias speciosa

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Plant with pollinators in mind.

When planting for pollinators, think about plants that will be in bloom late winter, early spring, summer, and fall. Native plants and their relatives are a good place to start. Pollinators survive best in gardens that are cared for with organic and sustainable methods. For more information on pollinators, click on this link to the Xerces Society.

Ribes, Flowering Currant

Corylopsis, Winter Hazel

Monarch larvae

Monarch larvae

Eryngium gigantium, Miss Willmott's Ghost

Plant a garden for you and the pollinators.

Click here for a list of plants for pollinators.