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Good Gardening Supplies

Fitt Hoses - Patio Expandable & Force Pro

Dramm Spray Nozzles & Wands

Water Right Hoses

Green Garden Tape

Velcro Garden Tie-Wrap

Heavy Duty Garden Wire

Color Plant Labels

Wood Plant Labels

Jute Green Twine - 800'

Bird Netting

Hemp Twine

Bamboo Poles

Zenport Hori Hori Knife

with Sheath

Dramm Hoses

Dramm Soaker Hoses

Copper Plant Labels

Zinc Plant Labels

Nisaku Stainless Hori Hori Knife with Sheath

Carbon Steel Hori Hori Knife with Sheath

Nisaku Mini Stainless Hori Hori Knife with Sheath

Zenport Basic Runing Shears

#103 & #102 (for small hands)

Zenport Pruning Saw

Felco Pruning Saw

Felco Replacement Blade

#2 - Classic

#6 - Ergonomic Compact

#7 - Ergonomic Revolving Handle

#8 - Ergonomic

#9 - Ergonomic Left Hended

#10 - Left Handed Revolving Handle

Felco Pruners

Half Hoops Supports

18" x 6" hoop

24" x 8" hoop

30" x 10" hoop

36" x 15" hoop

Plant Supports

Double Hoop Peony Support - 36" x 16"

Support Ring 16"

Grow Thru Support 12" ring

Grow Thru Support 16" ring

Grow Thru Support 20" ring

Support Rings

Raised Bed Kits

Western Red Cedar

Kiln dried cedar construction.

Peg-system for easy assembly.

Locally made in Eugene, Oregon.

3'x 3' bed, 11 1/2" high

3'x 4' bed, 11 1/2" high

4'x 4' bed, 11 1/2" high

Garden Staples For Irrigation 1/2" tubing & 1/4" tubing. 1/2" staples are also good for holding down row cover, burlap, red tomato plastic

Black Plastic Nursery Pots

See sizes on price sheet.

Best 1 Hummingbird Feeder 8 oz. & 32 oz. sizes

Bird Seed Food and Suet. See price sheet for varieties and prices.

Sun & Shade Grass Mix - A high end blend of Perennial Ryegrass that works great in both full sun or light shade. Very fine texture and very dark green color. 3 to 5 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. for existing lawn. 7 to 10 lbs for new lawn.

Grass & Seed Mixtures - sold by the pound, prices on price list.

Enviro-Lawn Grass Seed - Blended from a hardy, low-growing fescue, rich-green ryegrass, & nitrogen-fixing clover, this new lawn alternative eliminates the high maintenance requirements of a conventional grass lawn. Sprinkled with annual and perennial flowers for extra color. Requires little or no fertilization, infrequent mowing, and minimal watering. For full sun situations.

Shade Grass Mix - Fine fescues for great shade tolerance as well as some perennial ryegrass to help with weed suppression. 3 to 5 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. for existing lawn. 7 to 10 lbs for new lawn.

Water Warden Grass Blend - A medium-textured bunchgrass. Greater heat and drought tolerance than other species of truf grass. Deeper root system. Does well on heavy soils. Does best in full sun but has moderate shade tolerance. 3 to 5 lb. per 1000 sq. ft. for existing lawn. 7 to 10 lbs for new lawn.

PNW Wildflower - Consists of 27 individual species, approximately 60% annuals & 40% perennials. The first year will be a great show of color with the annuals, and the succeeding years the perennials will be established to add to the color show. This mix will grow 30" to 36" in height.

Dutch White Clover - A member of the legume family & can be used as a grass alternative or addition to existing lawns. It is easy to grow & drought-resistant. Clover also attracts pollinating insects. Scatter seed over prepared bed, followed by tamping ot improve seed-to-soil contact. 1 pound per 200 sq. ft. Sow spring or 8/15 to 9/10.

Jute Twine - 200'

Veggie Trellis Netting

Japanese Hand Hoe

17" long - 5" blade

Japanese Hand Hoe

10" long - 5" blade

Root Slayer Weeding Knife

Root Slayer Cerated Trowel

Tierra Garden Hand Trowel

Tierra Garden Hand Trowel with ruler.

Tierra Garden Hand Rake

Tierra Garden Hand Cultivator

Stainless Ball Weeder

Dandelion Weeder

Zenport Crevice Weeder

N-Sulate - 12' x 10' - 1.5 ounce weight. Raises temp 6 to 8 degrees under it's cover.

Reemay Row Cover

Plant & Seed Guard - 12' x 10' - .5 ounce weight. Protects from leaf miner & caterpillar veggie pests. Raises temp 4 degrees.

Supreme Plant Protection - 6' x 50' - 1.5 ounce weight. Protects from freezing temps. Raises temp 6 to 8 degrees under it's cover.

Deck Boxes

12" x 12" x 24"

12" x 12" x 36"

12" x 12" x 48"

Garden Boxes

Western Red Cedar

Locally made in Eugene, Oregon.

Window Boxes

8" x 8" x 24"

8" x 8" x 36"

8" x 8" x 48"

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