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Gifts For Gardeners

What do you give someone who has garden fever?

Great Stocking Stuffer!

Come on in to Garden Fever for all of these great gifts for gardeners!

Moss Support Pole

Wrapped in preserved natural moss. Moss Poles are a naturally absorbent support that help aerial roots take hold and create an ideal habitat for many climbing and upright plants. It's the next best thing to growing plants in a forest!

The Moss Pole includes metal pins to easily secure the branches and foliage, and metal stakes to insert in the soil. For added strength, bury bottom of pole in soil an inch or two

32" pole - $12.99

24" pole - $9.99

Garden Fever Gift Certificates

A perfect gift & the easiest gift to buy!

Any amount!

Give us a call at the store and we'll mail it directly to the gift recipient! 503-287-3200

Paperwhites & Containers

Bulb + Gravel + Water = Swell Gift!

Available pre-made or easy DIY.

Come in to see a variety of containers!

Perfect gift for your favorite teacher.

Leaf & Node - Indoor Plant Trellis Hoops

$11.99 to $26.99 - 4" to 10.5" hoops

Leaf & Node is a woman-owned small business based in Tipp City, Ohio that makes planty things for planty people. Jessy is an educator by trade and an entrepreneur for fun!

These trellises are handcrafted from plywood with a clear finish, stained mahogany. Material can be damaged by moisture, so leave a bit of the black coating on the stakes above the soil line and avoid pouring water directly on the trellis (bottom watering for the win!).

Ruby Farms Pottery

Each pot is made by hand in Vancouver, WA.

A collaborative endeavor from Courtney Wilson & Nick DeCaro. Their pots are made for the people. Modern, functional, approachable, handmade pottery. Irregular. Unpretentious. Earthy. Wonky. Crude. Simple.

Prices vary by size & style. Come in to see our selection.

Hudson Valley Seeds - $3.99 per pack

From Accord, NY

Heirloom and open-pollinated seeds with beautiful garden themed contemporary art by artists from diverse backgrounds in the USA.

Greenman Stone

Hand-made in Leavenworth, WA.

Made of Greenman Stone's proprietary cast stone mix.

Red Pig Tools

Hand forged in Oregon

The only blacksmiths in the US specializing in hand-forged garden tools for home gardeners, landscapers & farmers.

Made of steel & American Hickory. Heirloom quality tools that can be handed down to your garden-family successors.

Hand Trowel - $44.99

Hand Hoe - $42.99

Come in to see additional hand tool styles

Skip the plastic bottle & try a solid dishwashing bar!

Me Mother Earth

Dishwashing Soap Bar - $12.99 each

Citrus - Lavender Lemon- Unscented

Ingredients: coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide and essential oils. Unscented does not contain any essential oils. Handcrafted in the USA

3.6" x 2.6" z 1.25" bar, approx. 6+ ounces.

Me Mother Earth wants to stop plastic waste and thinks change begins with Me. Their dishwashing soap bar suds really well for hand washing dishes, cutting grease, and even cleaning your kitchen!

Vegan/Phosphate-free/Sulfate-free/Paraben-free/Palm-oil-free/Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-Free.

Small business entrepreneurs, a husband and wife team, local to Las Vegas. Alberto is originally from Rio, Brazil and Amanda grew up in Washington State. Their mission is to build community that wants to protect our Mother Earth and reduce the need for plastics. They believe in the concept of progress, not perfection and feel every individual has the ability to make an   impact.

A great book for every gardener.

Birds of the Willamette Valley Region - $24.95

by Harry Nehls, Tom Aversa, & Hal Opperman

Here's your guide to the common birds of the Willamette valley Region. Excellent color pictures. Has been proven to be an excellent visual learning guide for toddlers, learning their birds & developing an appreciation for wildlife. Compact size makes it perfect as a field guide for hikes & camping trips in the beautiful Willamette Valley Region.

Puzzles for all the People in your life!

Gardening in the Pacific Northwest

The Complete Homeowner's Guide - $24.95

Local authors,

Paul Bonine

Amy Campion

Expert plantsman and NW native, Paul Bonine knows all the insider tips for growing a spectacular garden in our region - on both sides of the mountains. Together with seasoned garden writer Amy Campion, he packs more than 25 years of wisdom into this definitive guide, from a comprehensive list of the best plants, to how to work with our diverse climates, seasons, and soils. Striking photographs showcase plants and how to use them in a variety of design styles.

This go-to manual should be on the shelf of every PNW gardener.

What do you give someone who has garden fever?

Good Dirt!

Good dirt for indoor or outdoor plants.

G&B Organics

Potting Soil

8 quart bag - $5.99

1 cubic foot bag - $9.99

2 cubic foot bag - $14.99

Recycled forest products, rice hulls, perlite, peat moss, composted chicken manure, bark fines, hydrolyzed feather meal, dehydrated chicken manure, worm castings, bat guano, kelp meal, alfalfa meal, oyster shell & dolomite limes.

G&B Organics Eden Valley Potting Soil

with BIOCHARmax

1.5 cubic foot bag - $19.99

Improves moisture retention to reduce frequent watering. Improves nutrient retention, attracting beneficial soil microbes. Improves plant and root development.

Peat moss, bark fines, perlite, sand, dehydrated poultry litter, gypsum, soft wood biochar, bat guano, worm castings.

Mother Earth Puzzle - 1000 pieces - $21.99

Each piece is designed by a local artist and a percentage of the sale is paid to them as a royalty commission. You are directly supporting the artist!

Outdoor or indoor use.

Morel Mushroom


Mini Buddha - $12.99

Resting Sheep - $49.99

JUNGLECATS - 1000 pieces - $21.99

More Great Stocking Stuffer!

Speaking of cleaning,

skip the paper towels.

Kei & Molly Textiles

European sponge Cloths - $6.99 each

Durable, reusable and compostable. To clean, toss them in the washing machine. Water-based, eco-friendly inks (no plastisol, please!) and screen-printing. Sponges made in Germany.

Local New Mexico artists do the designs. Screen-printing also done in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Located near the International District of Albuquerque, NM, Kei and Molly are comminteed to creating good jobs for immigrants and refugees in their community. Their neighborhood is one of the city's most culturally vibrant and diverse, though still steeped in poverty. They aim to serve as an ecomonic engine for this area, providing work, skills and support for those looking to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Kei & Molly, Kei Tsuzuki and Molly Luethi, two social entrepreneurs with a vision. Back in 2010, they opend their doors knowing that they could use their business as a way to impact the lives of immigrants and refugees in their community. With their years of experience working in the non-profit sector in women's economic development and education, they created their commercial venture to show how a business could be sustainable while doing good.

Moon Candle  - SOLD OUT

with hidden crystal - $24.99 each

100% Soy wax and scented with essential oils.

Burn time is 2+hours

Electric Forest Studio is raising the soul's vibration with hand made, unique soy candles. Each Moon Candle comes with a hidden Mystery Crystal point inside. Burn the candle to reveal the crystal.

From Portland, Oregon.

⚠️ WARNING: ⚠️Burn only on stable heat resistant surface for not more than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from drafts. Discontinue use when only 1/2 in. of wax remains in bottom. Do not move candle while burning or if wax is hot. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never leave a burning candle unattended.