Fresh Holiday Greens & Trees

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24" Mixed Conifer Wreath $36.99

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Living Christmas Trees

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Living Christmas Trees require special care to survive the holiday and be a beautiful addition to your garden after the holidays.

1. Slowly introduce the tree from outside to inside over 3 days. Outside during the day and inside at night for 3 days.

2. Find the coolest spot possible indoors to set up the tree, away from any heat sources.

3. Keep the tree well watered, keeping the roots moist but not soggy. Use a tray to collect excess water that drains from the pot. The tree should not sit in water! Use a turkey baster to remove water out of saucer.

4. Keep the tree inside no longer than 3 days, once the 3 day acclimation period is over.

5. Carefully transition back outside, using the reverse procedure as in step 1.

Mini Cypress

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Mini Holiday Plants in 2" pots

Mini Cyclamen

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