Garden Fever is a locally owned and operated garden store and nursery, located in a NE Portland Neighborhood. We opened for business in 2003 and for 18 years, have strived to be a respectful, authentic and sustainable addition to the community. And this year, we are also very focused on creating a COVID-safe shopping and working environment for customers and staff members. We enjoy being a part of this community and working with staff that are people-friendly team members. Our passion is gardening, outside and inside. We love how gardening can add to the health and enjoyment of life and support nature. Our goal is to share the benefits of gardening with customers and staff. We are a place where gardeners, novice or expert, can find good plants, good tools, good dirt and helpful advice on sustainable gardening practices.  Our team focus is to provide excellent customer service and retail presentation, as well as accurate gardening information and sustainable gardening practices.

At this time, we do not have positions available. If you would like to go ahead and send us your resume and 3 past employer references, we would be happy to keep it on file in case the opportunity comes up for a position.

Thank you for your interest in working with us!

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