Buying Tomatoes in April!

Trellised tomatoes in the Vollmer vegetable garden.

Trellising pruned vines allows for better air circulation.

It decreases the chance of fungal diseases and exposes fruit to the warm sun.


Tomato roots grow best in warm soil. We’re talking 60 to 70 degrees. We recommend covering your garden bed in red plastic to warm up the soil. Along with suppressing weeds, this will also help to keep even soil moisture levels.

Because of the NW weather temperatures, (we get cold nights, even if the daytime temp is 85!) we also recommend planting your tomato start into a one gallon nursery pot and letting it grow on until the middle of May. Tomatoes benefit from having part of their stems buried because any part of the stem that is under soil will produce roots. if you plant it deep in the pot, with a minimum of 4” of plant above the soil line, you will have a plant with a stronger root system to plant in your garden bed. Add a couple tablespoons of lime and organic fertilizer formulated for vegetables to the top of the soil, scratch it in and water in the plant. Come the middle of May, you will have a big healthy plant, ready to put in the garden.

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