Gifts For Gardeners

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Portland Desk Top Calendar

Celebrate your love of Portland with this desk calendar featuring vintage images of the city's most iconic places. Printed on Cavallini's signature Italian archival paper. $12.95

Ruby Farms Pottery

Courtney & Nick make each pot by hand in Vancouver, WA. Everything they make is cast from their molds, thrown on their wheel or pushed through extrusions & cut shapes from large slabs of clay. The prefect way to dress up a houseplant & support local artisans.

$18.99 to $49.99 Price Range     

Swedish Dish Sponges

Made of earth-friendly cellulose & cotton, this cloth is incredibly absorbant, dries quickly & can be reused again & again. Machine washable. $6.99

Ruby Farms Pottery

Handmade in Vancouver, WA

Hudson Valley Seed

Bee Friendly Meadow Mix

Heirloom and open-pollinated garden seed mixes.

Also available-

- Bird Lovers Meadow S/O

- Shady Meadow

Grown in USA   $9.95


The perfect gift to give and then it becomes the perfect gift to re-give! What could be better than that/!  

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Sauvie Island Recreation Guide ~ Birding, Boating, Bicycling

A detailed map and pocket guide rolled into one! The only comprehensive map and guide on the market. Colorful, durable, especially designed for hikers, birders, boaters, and bicyclists. Water-resistant, tear-proof. Light-weight, eco-friendly, compact and flexible design.         $6.95

Pokeboo Packable Boots

Made by an innovative Japanese industrial gear manufacturer, these lightweight & packable boots are made of thin & flexible natural rubber with a cotton lining & drawstring top. Just roll them up & put them in their carry-bag.

Ready for a hike, any time, any where!


Gardening Book Sale        10% OFF all titles in stock.

Garden books will never go out of fashion. They will always be the ultimate & most accurate guides to gardening, while visually & verbaly inspiring you, page by page.

What do you give someone who has garden fever?

Seed-O-Sphere Seed Balls

Seeds of Peace Seed balls include poppies & sunflowers. Just toss onto open soil. Moisture & light will do the rest!   $19.99

Speaking of spontaneous hikes...

Raised Bed Corners

by Instabrace

Create a raised garden bed in minutes! Slide any standard 2 by 4 or 2 by 6 lumber into the steel brackets & fill with a Raised Bed & Potting Mix raised beds. Choose the length & width boards that work best for your space. Each brass is 10" tall & 9" wide. 100% steel. Two designs - Dragonfly or Sunburst.

Set of 4 corners - $55.99 (wood boards, not included)     

Raised Bed & Potting Mix

Specially designed for raised bed plantings. Certified organic. Contains added coir for greater moisture retention & excellent sources fof plant nutrition: dehydrated & composted chicken manure, hydrolyzed feather meal, kelp meal, worm castings & bat guano.

3 cubic foot bale - $13.99   

Hibi Incense Matches from Japan

Hibi creates an elegant & inventive way of enjoying the relaxing aromas of incense. A mixture of refined fragrances from classics like Lavender to Japanese essentials like Yuzu. Each stick will burn for about 10 minutes, but the aroma will linger. Just strike the incense match on the side of the box & rest it on the burning pad.

~Lavender ~ Sandalwood ~ Lemongrass ~ Geranium ~ Japanese Cypress ~ Cedar Wood ~ Ambergris ~ Oak Moss

8 incense matches & burning pad - $12.99   

Marimo Moss Balls

These holiday green balls would make great under-water ornaments! They are actually not a moss, but a species of green algae known as Aegagropila linnaei.

In nature, they get their shape from tumbling around on the bottom of freshwater lakes. Marimo moss balls prefer indirect, low to medium light. Protect from hot reflecting light. No direct sun. Cooler temperatures are best. Change the water every 2 weeks. Then, take the opportunity to roll the ball around in your hand so it won't lose its shape. It's also reccomended to flip it around occasionally in it's container, so that all parts of the algae get access to light and won't start browning.

Small & Large - $3.99 & $6.99   

Great Stocking Suffer!

Garden Fever Gift Certificates

A perfect gift & the easiest one to buy.

Any amount!

Send an email with your phone number & we'll give you a call to make it happen!

Paperwhites and Containers.

Bulb + Gravel + Water = Lovely Gift!

Paperwhite Bulbs - 'Ziva'

- for forcing indoors

$1.25 each or 10 for $10.99

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Garden Hats

The warm sun will be back and then, you'll need a hat again. Get one for you and your favorite gardener. Various styles & prices.

The perfect pocket-sized field guide.

Perfect for beginning birders as well as seasoned ones. It features color pictures of 200 of the most common birds that call the Willamette Valley home. Descriptions & excellent species information accompanies each picture. There is also info about how to identify birds, attractiong birds to your backyard & additional great tips. The lead author, Harry Nehls, is a regional bird expert in Oregon & has been birding the Willamette Valley since 1949.

Birds of the Willamette Valley Region

by Harry Nehls, Tom Aversa & Hal Opperman    $24.95

birds don't eat cows Suet Co.

Produced in a remote mountain cabin in Eastern Oregon, this is a vegetarian, organic suet cake that the birds will love because it's a labor of love.    $5.99

Additional styles available. Make a shopping appointment & see our full selection.

Micro Greens - Sprouting Seed Kits & Supplies

You can grow these nutrient powerhouses indoors, in a small amount of space and they taste delicious! The easiest indoor-growing edible there is! They are so nutrient-dense, they can contain up to 40 times the nutrients of a mature plant.

We have seeds, kits, & spray bottles for misting Micro Greens. Everything an indoor gardener needs to get some sprouts growing!

Micro Greens & Sprouts Seed Packets

Mellow Blend Greens, 16 grams - $4.59

Mild Mix Greens 24 grams - $3.99

Baby Arugula Greens 3 grams - $3.99

Baby Greens Spinach 10 grams - $4.59

Umami Asian Greens 10 grams - $4.59

Broccoli Sprouts 20 grams - $4.59

Purple Kohlrabi Sprouts 10 grams - $3.99

Baby Pea Shoots 50 grams - $3.29

Salad Mix Sprouts 30 grams - $4.99

Sandwich Mix Sprouts 50 grams - $4.99

Seed Sprouter Kit

Sprouting trays with unique removable dividers give you lots of options. Sprouts can also be stored in the lidded container.


2021 Farmer's Almanac

The 229th edition of The Old Farmer's Almanac! North America's most-beloved & best selling gardener's reference guide. A useful calendar of the heavens & weather predictions, as well as historical facts & money-saving garden advice. There's even great recipes! $7.99   

2021 Moon Calendar

Lunar Phases, Eclipses and more. Kim Long's classic & handy moon calendar. Front-Lunar calendar with moon images. Back-Dates & times of every phase change, eclipse, apogee, & perigee.   $3.00 Moon Calendars are SOLD OUT

A little something for the windowsill or corner of the desk.

Sansevieria ehrenbergii 'Samurai'

3" Terracotta pot



This rare sansevieria is believed tohave originated in Africa. A dwarf varieity that grows only 4" to 6" tall.THe green leaves have apronounced V-shape with a slight red tint on the leaf edges and tips. Grows best in bright light but will also grow in low-light.