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Gifts For Gardeners

What do you give someone who has garden fever?

Gardening Under Lights           The complete guide for Indoor Growers

By Leslie F. Halleck

Nishigaki Pruners

From Japan - Each side is cut from one single piece of steel. Razor-sharp carbon steel blades. Primo-pruners! The top choice of all our nursery folks. $75.99


Each one an original. Handcrafted at Garden Fever!

Share the Futrue 2019 Wall Calendar

WA Artist - Nikki McClure $19.99

U-Konserve Stainless Steel Straws Ditch the plastic!  Starting at $6.99

Gardeinging in the

Pacific Northwest

Co-authored by longtime Oregon nurseryman, Paul Bonine & Portland photographer, Amy Campian. A must-have growing guide for home gardeners in OR, WA & BC.  $24.95


Hand wrapped and ready to hang. A form of Japanese Bonsai. Plants are swaddled in a special soil mixture, wrapped in moss and tied up as a ball that can hang or sit in a decorative dish.

Gather & Make ~ plant-based projects for all seasons

By Portland Author,     Genevieve Layman      $29.95

WORKSHOP 12/16! Reservations Required! Call - 503-287-3200

Rite in the Rain

Note pads for the PNW gardener. Survives Mother Nature's onsloughts of rain, mud and snow, as well as sweat, oil and grease.

Great Stocking Suffers!

Pollinator Friendly Garden Sign

Made in Portland. Designed by Joe Wirtheim. Composite aluminum and polyethylene, printed with a hard-cured ink. A durable sign that will last for years outside. Sign is a 9" diameter circle. $24.99

100% Cotton, Laminated Kids  Aprons & Baby Bibs

Made in Seattle. Let's face it, kids like to get messy. Getting messy is fun. Doing laundry isn't. These bibs and aprons are easily wiped clean. Food and people safe.  $15.99 to $21.99

Hudson Valley Seed Library Seed Packets

Organically grown heirloom and open-pollinated garden seeds. Beauriful garden-themed contemporary art packages. Each packet, a gift of artwork and seeds.        $3.99 packet

Beacon Rechargeable LED Lantern  $39.99  

Plant Success Organics Soluble Mycorrhizae

Enhance established plants with beneficial soil microbes. Contains mycorrhizae, bacteria and trichoderma. Enhances root growth. Easy application, just water it into the soil. $2.99 1/2 oz. package

Come on in to Garden Fever for all of these great gifts for gardeners!

Perfect Gardener Goatskin Glove

Made in California - Bear Wallow $32.99


Puzzles for ages 4 to 100 years. Easy to challenging. From 24 pieces to 1008 & everything in between. Perfect activity for gardenrs in the dark months. Best Gift Ever!

Garden Fever Leather Tool Sheath

Made in USA. Built to last. Snap-attach to your belt. Holds your Hori Hori Knife & a pair of  snips.


Garden Fever Gift Certificates

A perfect gift & the easiest gift to buy! Any amount!

Give us a call at the store and we'll mail it directly to the gift recipient! 503-287-3200

A highly-detailed, accessible guide for seed starters, plant collectors, houseplant fans, & anyone who wants to successfully garden indoors any time of the year. $29.99

Paperwhites and Containers.

Bulb + Gravel + Water = Swell Gift!