SATURDAY 5/19/18 ~ 1PM - 3PM


Join us for our continuing lectures on growing your own outdoors. There's a reason they call it weed. Easy to grow and this lecture will give you the basics to get you going. Our local homegrown expert will be presenting follow-up lectures timed to the important growth points for this crop.

Free Lecture. No consumption or use of cannabis will be allowed at this lecture!

April 2018

SATURDAY 4/28/18 ~ 10:30 AM - 1.5 hour lecture

Alissa Hartman, of Seed Garden Designs, has a great perspective on gardening. She says, “Plants, dirt, sunshine, rain, and air are medicine for the body and soul.” Your body and it’s abilities may be changing as time passes or it’s changing due to a physical condition resulting from illness or accident. Alissa will share how to adjust your garden space and your methods so your garden and you evolve together.

Reservations Required! Call 503-287-3200

You're Evolving ~ So Should Your Garden!

Amending your garden to accommodate your changing

body & abilities.

The A.B.C's of W.E.E.D.

~ a homegrown cannabis how-to class.

Registration Required! Call 503-287-3200

Must be 21 years of age to attend.

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SUNDAY 4/29/18 ~ 1 PM - 1 hour lecture

Everyone should be able to grow their favorite warm-season vegetables in a sunny spot of their yard or on their deck, or on their driveway! This lecture will give you all the info on how to do just that ~ what size pot, what kind of potting soil, fertilizer needs, watering needs, and how to support a 6' tall tomato plant. Don't go with out. Grow it in a pot!

Reservations Required! Call 503-287-3200

Can You Grow Tomatoes, Peppers & Eggplant in Pots? Yes you can!

Richard & Lori Vollmer ~ Owners of Garden Fever!