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Garden Fever! ~ a place where gardeners, novice or expert, can find good plants, good tools, good dirt, and helpful advice on sustainable gardening practices for the Northwest.
3433 NE 24th AVENUE 
PORTLAND, OR ~ 503-287-3200 
Open 7 gardening days a week 
*Call for current hours of operation*
Click here for Garden Fever’s PLANTS FOR POLLINATORS list! Plants_for_Pollinators.htmlPlants_for_Pollinators.htmlPlants_for_Pollinators.htmlPlants_for_Pollinators.htmlshapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1shapeimage_7_link_2
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Garden as though you will live forever. - William Kent

Time to start seeds!

Plants for pollinators ~  Flowering Currant, Ribes

APRIL - 2016

Plants for pollinators ~  Breadseed Poppy ‘Lauren’s Grape’

Papaver somniferum


Every tree planted in Portland contributes to cleaner rivers and streams. Treebate is an incentive to plant yard trees at Portland residences.

Info on Portland Treebate Program ~ CLICK HERE!


~ over 50 varieties of peppers.

Melrose Peppers

~ a family heirloom variety

Brought to the states from Naples by Lori’s Italian ancestors. Introduced to Portland by the owners of Garden Fever in 2003.

A sweet, thin-skinned pepper for eating fresh, fried, pickled or dried.

Peppers grow great in pots!

Choose a

7gallon pot

for best

root growth.