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Garden Fever! ~ a place where gardeners, novice or expert, can find good plants, good tools, good dirt, and helpful advice on sustainable gardening practices for the Northwest.
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Garden as though you will live forever. - William Kent

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Plant with pollinators in mind.


3433 NE 24th AVE. ~ PORTLAND, OR ~ 503-287-3200 
Open 7 gardening days a week *Call for current hours of operation*

A neighborhood nursery in NE Portland, OR.

Blooming in the

Foxglove, Digitalis

A beautiful plant for pollinators. Makes a nice sleep-over spot too!

Bumble Bees are some of the first pollinators to wake up in spring.

In the Nursery ~

Blueberries are in!

Just in time for September/Fall planting.

Also, check out our lecture on Blueberries.

Lectures & Classes

Vollmer Garden


Blue Point

‘Giant Crimson’


‘Lil Miss Sunshine’

Hardy Hibiscus


And another member of the mallow family, beautiful Red Okra

Volunteer Sunflowers are always welcome,

no matter where they seed themselves.

Nature always does a beautiful job of melting plants into

each other.





What’s Happening at Garden Fever!

Cover Crop ~ Is your vegetable bed soil looking dry, pale, & nutrient-depleted? A good cover crop is just the thing to re-invigorate the soil microbial life. Remember, healthy soil equals healthy plants!

When to plant ~

Fava Beans - Oct. 15th to Nov. 1st

Crimson Clover - Sept. 1st to Oct. 15th

Annual Rye - Sept. 1st to Nov. 30th

Winter Peas - Oct. 1st. to Dec. 31st

Garlic & Shallots ~ Be ready to plant in October.  Varieties are arriving between now and Sept. 15th. Planting garlic can be very satisfying task for a gardener. One little clove produces a big head of multiple cloves. All you have to do is be patient. You plant it in October and harvest around June. In the mean time, it just takes a bit of weeding, a bit of watering, and a bit of feeding. We suggest adding bone meal at planting time and feeding with blood meal in early spring - available in our bulk bins.

We carry the best varieties for the NW. Sustainably or Organically grown in the PNW. Call for varieties on hand ~

Chesnok Red - Sustainably Grown

Duganski - Sustainably Grown

Elephant Garlic - Sustainably Grown

German Red - Sustainably Grown

Inchelium Red - Certified Organic

Lorz Italian - Certified Organic

Purple Glazer - Certified Organic

Shandong - Certified Organic

Spanish Roja - Sustainably Grown

Susanville - Certified Organic

Loll Outdoor Furniture Sale!

Now’s the time to buy Loll Outdoor Furniture.

15% off the whole month of September!

Have you been lusting for a piece of Loll Outdoor Furniture? Maybe two or three pieces! The owners of Garden Fever have had these two red-hot Loll lounge chairs on their deck for three years and they are totally in love - with their deck chairs and each other. So comfortable to lounge in and so easy to take care of, 365 days a year. They look so hot on their deck, they almost upstage the beautiful fir trees surrounding them!

Native Echinaceas are exotic and graceful. They rival all the hybrids with their fancy headdresses.

Echinacea pallida

Pale Purple Coneflower - an American native found in prairies, savannah, glades and open dry rocky woods. From Nebraska to Michigan, south to Georgia and Texas.

Last but not least, a native moth and a Black and Yellow Garden Spider.

Yes! That’s a really

big spider!

September 1st Harvest

Heaven, in

a basket.