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Garden Fever! ~ a place where gardeners, novice or expert, can find good plants, good tools, good dirt, and helpful advice on sustainable gardening practices for the Northwest.
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Garden as though you will live forever. - William Kent

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Plant with pollinators in mind.



In The


3433 NE 24th AVE. ~ PORTLAND, OR ~ 503-287-3200 
Open 7 gardening days a week *Call for current hours of operation*

A neighborhood nursery in NE Portland, OR.

Blooming in the

Foxglove, Digitalis

A beautiful plant for pollinators. Makes a nice sleep-over spot too!

Bumble Bees are some of the first pollinators to wake up in the spring.

In the Nursery ~

In August, the garden is exploding with late summer perennials like Rudbeckia fulgida ‘Goldstrum’.

Beautiful Black Eyed Susan blooms for the gardener and the pollinators.

The drought tolerance of sedums is greatly appreciated in August. The blooms are sculptural with succulent texture and bee-appeal.

Summersweet is a deciduous shrub that is native from the coast of Maine, down to Florida and west to Texas.

In mid to late summer, the sweetly scented blooms are attractive to butterflies and bees...and gardeners.

Clethera alnifolia, Summersweet ‘Vanilla Spice’

Columnar Apple ‘Golden Sentinel’

Hydrangea aspera

‘Plum Passion’

Grasses are arriving in the nursery ~ a sure sign that fall will be here soon.

Miscanthus sinensis ‘Cabaret’

Vollmer Garden


‘Ruby Tuesday’

Helen’s Flower

Solanum pyracanthum

Verbena ‘Black Velvet’

Salpiglossis ‘Royal Chocolate’

Dahlias & Yarrow

Lobelia laxiflora

Nigella hispanica ‘African Bride’

Agrostemma githago

‘Ocean Pearls’