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Saturday, 4/19  ~ 1PM to 2PM 

Vertical Gardens ~ Veggies and Herbs

Randy Raburn ~ Vertical Gardening Expert

Free Lecture   

No matter what garden show, magazine, or blog you see, there’s talk about the newest way to “pot-up”.

Randy has created a simple and elegant wall-hanging planter to get you started with this newest trend. Do you have a spot by your back door? Go up with herbs and veggies! Get your creative juices flowing at this how-to lecture. Open workshop after the lecture.

Sunday, 4/27 ~ 1PM to 2PM 

Can you Grow Tomatoes, Eggplant & Peppers In Pots? Yes you can!

Richard and Lori Vollmer ~ owners, Garden Fever!

Free Lecture

Everyone should be able to grow fresh veggies, even if the only place in the sun you have is a slab of concrete outside the back door. If pots are all you’ve got, come to this lecture & learn how to grow tomatoes, peppers, and eggplant in containers.

Saturday, 4/26  ~ 10:30AM to 3:00PM 

2nd Year Beekeeping ~ What do I do next?

Glen Andresen ~ Northeast Portland Beekeeper

$37 per person   

Designed for the city beekeeper who likely already has a colony of bees and who is ready and eager to learn more. Topics include evaluating the strength of spring colonies, making splits, swarm prevention techniques, capturing swarms, maximizing honey production and making some of your own equipment. Class includes a lecture at Garden Fever and a field trip to Glen’s apiary, 1.5 miles from the nursery. Participants must provide their own transportation to Glen’s apiary.

Saturday, 5/3 ~ 1PM to 2PM 

Vertical Gardens ~ with plants that love shade.

Randy Raburn ~ Vertical Gardening Expert

Free Lecture

Imagine a wall hanging of beautiful shade plants next to your front door. Designing a vertical garden is a bit different than using traditional containers. Randy has created a simple and elegant planter to hang vertically and will show you how to plant it and care for it.


CALL GARDEN FEVER! @ 503-287-3200

Sunday, 5/4 ~ 1PM to 2PM 

Abundant Nature ~ the easy way to garden

Amy Whitworth ~ Plan-It-Earthdesign

Free Lecture

Imagine a garden that provides food and forage for humans and wildlife in a natural system that is easy care and self-supporting. Amy, one of the creators of the Yard, Garden, & Patio Show presentation garden, Abundant Nature, will speak on a way to garden for you and nature. This is what Abundant Nature means to Amy and her fellow designers ~

“We feed the earth and it feeds us. We clear the land and build structures. Time passes, change and decay occur; nature returns. Creative reuse of old materials completes the cycle, saving energy and reducing waste.”

Come and hear what Amy has to say about gardening with Abundant Nature.