Half a block south of Fremont on NE 24th Ave.

A neighborhood nursery in NE Portland, OR.

3433 NE 24th Ave.

Portland, OR 97212



Open 9:00am to 6:00pm

7 Gardening Day a Week!

15 Years of Garden Fever!

Thanks Portland, and looking forward to many more years of shareing good dirt with all our patrons!

Join the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge and invite pollinators to live in your garden.

March 2018

Pollinators love Lewisia

Rhubarb 'Crimson' crowns are in.

We receive many of our lines right at the beginning of January. They're fresh and ready to start indoors.

Come on in and get your gardening inspiration going!

Seeds, seeds, lots of seeds!

Garden Fever! ~ a place where gardeners, novice or expert, can find good plants, good tools, good dirt, and helpful advice on sustainable gardening practices for the Northwest.

Organic Seed Potatoes

     French Fingerling

     Red Pontiac

     Yukon Gold

     German Butterball

     Russet Burbank

     Russian Banana

     Yellow Finn


     All Blue

Blueberry Bushes

Bare-root Strawberries

Columnar Apples

Fig Trees

Italian Plum Trees

Persimmon Trees

Multi-Grafted Apple & Pear Trees

Goumi Berry



Albequina Olive


Miniature Nectarines & Peaches

Garden Fever opening, March 2003

Lori & Richard Vollmer

What's Happening in the nursery ~  Vegetables and


Spring planting edibles are in!

Asparagus Crowns

     Jersey Knight

     Sweet Purple

Organic Onion Sets

     Red Wethersfield

     Yellow Rock